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Kenya uses Liventus CA system for the first time

On 30 August this year, two containers of Hass avocados were loaded in Nairobi Kakuzi’s packhouse for export through Mombasa to George Helfer in France. For ...


High demand for large-sized Spanish onions

The Association of Onion Producers of Castile-La Mancha, PROCECAM, has held its 2017 General Assembly. The meeting has served to showcase the different projec ...


Turnip market enters transition period in the United States

The turnip season is entering a transition time of the year, when production is shifting from the northern US growing regions to the more southerly regions. I ...


Turkey: Antalya tomatoes reach 30 countries around the world

One of the companies responsible for the export of fresh vegetables and fruits in Antalya, Turkey, said that the province exports tomatoes to 30 countries aro ...


Cornish cauliflower in good supply

While the rest of the country is experiencing wintery weather and in places extreme temperatures, Southern England Farms, situated on the very south west tip ...


Can a GM banana solve Uganda's hunger crisis?

The introduction of a law, last October, could solve many problem for the farmers of Uganda. After five years of deadlock, parliament passed the National Bio ...


Turkish greenhouse grower uses hot springs to grow tomatoes

Agrobay, a company based in the Aegean province of İzmir, is Turkey’s largest tomato exporter. It currently produces 15,000 tons of tomatoes in greenhou ...


China: The New Year brings a brief moment of opportunity for fruit

Although there is less fruit in winter than in summer, there are still plentiful supplies. According to reports, this year the Chinese market for fruit shows ...


Romaine lettuce linked to E. coli cases in Quebec and Canadian Maritimes

The Montreal Gazette reports on the Public Health Agency of Canada urging consumers to use caution when preparing romaine lettuce in the wake of more than 20 ...


"We need to find a market to export 10% of Canary bananas"

The president of the Palmera Association of Farmers and Cattle Ranchers, ASPA, Miguel Martín, defended the need to find a stable market to ship 10% of the Ca ...


Indian government to launch minimum vegetable pricing scheme

On January 1, the Haryana state government will launch the Bhavantar Bharpai Yojana (Price Deficit Cover Scheme), trying to ensure farmers get fixed base pr ...


Spain: Food banks receive over 2.8 million kilos of Canary bananas

Throughout 2017, the Association of Organizations of Banana Producers of the Canary Islands (ASPROCAN) has donated a total of 2,838,389 kilos of bananas to th ...