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Csemegekukorica fajtabemutató 2015.09.02. Ausztria

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CORA SEEDS szakmai program Cenesa-n (Olaszország) - 2016.07.25-28.

Clause görögdinnye bemutató Görögországban 2015 május

A kreatív kertészeti megoldások ünnepén készült fotók

OMÉK 2015.

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Csemegekukorica fajta- és technológia bemutatónap 2016.07.19.

Vitál Élőételbár megnyitója 2016.08.25.


Guatemala will showcase its agricultural exports at the PMA Fresh Summit

Guatemala's agricultural export sector has participated in the PMA Fresh Summit, the most important agricultural fair in the North American market, for thirty ...


California bok choy production moves south

Producers of bok choy in California are set to move towards warmer areas in the next month as the summer season in Salinas comes to a close. It has been a st ...


Over saturated Polish apple market pushes diversification

Located southeast of the Grojec region, Anna Litwin from Blue Haskap said that the storms that ripped some trees from their roots north of their region, the ...


UK: New tomato packaging prevents transport mess

A brand new premium tomato pack, created by Colpac, has been launched onto the top tiers of Aldi’s supermarket shelves. The global supermarket chain require ...


Washington pear 2017-18 crop harvest wrapping up

Washington pears see a lengthy season overall, with seasons divvied between summer and winter varieties. “We’re almost finished harvesting 2017-18 crop which ...


"Greenhouse vegetable market much less dramatic than in previous seasons"

The Belgian greenhouse season isn't over yet. "We are already seeing some Spanish product but most supermarkets here in Belgium continue with domestic pro ...


Seasonal quartet of juices featured at PMA

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company announced it will be showcasing its new Carrot Ginger Turmeric Juice along with fall favorites Pumpkin Apple Spice, Or ...


Vegetables become too expensive in Mumbai

Just as people plan to make their Diwali festival purchases, vegetable prices have increased in Mumbai. The prices in retail have doubled as the wholesale co ...


Sunkist citrus season begins at 2017 PMA Fresh Summit

Sunkist is kicking off its 125th citrus season at this year’s PMA Fresh Summit Convention + Expo, showcasing the organization’s industry-leading marketing p ...


Spain: Broccoli consumption grew by 10% in summer

Broccoli intake has increased by 10% during the latest season, mostly due to a surge in the demand for this vegetable during the summer by domestic consumers ...


“GMO regulations are not in way of direct home sales”

From farmer to plate is a slogan many growers can bring into practice, but figures from Statistics Netherlands show that only a small percentage of growers t ...


Spain expects 5% increase in artichoke production

The Spanish Artichoke promotion consortium expects the production of the 2017 season to be "good" and reach 231,000 tonnes; 5% more than the 220,000 tonne ...